We will deliver deliciousness to you
from Aomori, Japan, the home of apples!!

Key to Deliciousness


Aomori prefecture produces approximately 50% of all domestic apples in Japan. Especially, Tsugaru region has produced apples for hundred and several tens of years, and also has developed diverse skills of cultivation and quality management system. As is generally known, accumulated knowledge based on grower’s long-term effort and developed skills has contributed to apple industry in Aomori. “Fuji” which has spread globally, “Kinsei” and “Daikoei” and “Toki” and many other varieties were bred in Tsugaru region. So far unique pruning method has enabled to raise productivity, and a lot of effort has been made to develop high quality apple. Apples sold by our company are produced in Tsugaru region in Aomori prefecture where are supposed to be the best production area of Japanese apples with high quality. In many years, we have supplied apples after long-term storage based on CA (Controlled atmosphere storage) technology. Recently, 1-MCP (1-methylcyclopropene) application on apple enable to supply high quality apples for extended period as well as distribute them to various destinations. Moreover, free tray type sorting/grading system (Barcode type) and internal quality sensor (near-infrared ray method) has been newly installed so that we can carry out the accurate apple sorting by analyzing the light transmitted through the produce as well as detecting Brix, acidity and internal disorder. In addition, “We never pack any apples before receiving order” is our policy to provide apples with assured quality by packing just before shipment. Finally, skillful workers carefully handle apples one by one. This is why we can provide good quality apples for a long period of time to entire Japan as well as overseas.